Plan Your Own Trip

Shed your preconceived notions! Banish stereotypes and step into Port Antonio – The Other Side of Jamaica.

Find the place discovered by the jet set before there were jets! More remarkable than what you will find here is the sheer delight of forgetting all that you left behind.

Follow the enticing melody of a woodland waterfall through a forest of orchid-draped branches. Part the feathery fronds of ferns and philodendrons to discover the source of the enchanting music – the cascade falling like diamonds into a mirrored pool. Plunge into the cool currents of mountain streams falling all over themselves to greet the sea at secluded coves.

Port Antonio holds an abundance of exotic splendour: from the majesty of the Blue Mountains to the unknown depths of the famous Blue Lagoon; Port Antonio captivates. Errol Flynn called her “the most beautiful woman he had ever seen”.

Take a cultural journey back into the halcyon days of rogues and royalty, starlets and moguls and literati. Explore the streets; bask in the glow of a golden past. Imagine a pampered princess as you are steered down a lazy river by a charming local captain who lulls you with tales of a bygone era, then return to the present and immerse yourself in the luxury of the new marina. Create your own modern-day fairytale at Trident Castle. Soak up Jamaica’s soul with a local Rastafarian.

Go wild! Get your blood pumping! Take a vigorous mountain trek or challenge your skills on an extreme bike trip. Dive down to the depths of Blue Lagoon or explore the caves both in and out of the water. Let the rhythms of reggae move you at a dance club or a local rum bar, enjoy the natural concert of a tropical night provided by tree frogs and crickets in harmony with the “doctor breeze” bringing a refreshing close to each delightful day.

The pleasures are simple here in Port Antonio. Come! Experience the other side of Jamaica! It’s just a moment away…



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